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- Jaeho Lee
82 - 53 - 5849130

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AT Co., Ltd continues to create new technology and be in line with the customers based on sincerity and trust.
AT Co., Ltd conducts constant research and development to provide the vacuum coating system which meets the needs of industry.
AT Co., Ltd is the manufacturer which makes the vacuum roll-to-roll coating system.
It provides the vacuum coating system in the fields of LCD, high transmission ITO touch film, window solar film, lithium secondary battery, solar battery, etc.
For the past 15 years, we have produced heat treatment system, in-line coating system and vacuum roll-to-roll coating system.
With these years' worth of know-how and a thin-film coating technology, we have the state-of-the-art manufacturing technology of the vacuum coating system. We are also confident that the major product of AT Co., Ltd, the vacuum roll-to-roll coating system technology, is the best in the country.
AT Co., Ltd manufactures the mass production system which is best in the field of display, new regeneration energy, electronic components and all the staff are doing the best to develop more appropriate vacuum coating system in the future.
We promise to make constant efforts for the customers and to d our beat to be the best company in the world.

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